Dimon’s Star Rises: Ominous Signs for a New Round of Foreclosures and Other Bank Fraud Schemes

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We might as well ask the financial industry to shoot us again, because the last shot in 2008 has worn off. The industry has convinced mainstream media that foreclosures are over. They are not. In fact they are rising all over the country except specific pockets where the banks have manipulated their efforts to create the illusion of a foreclosure crisis that had ended.

see http://www.americanbanker.com/news/national-regional/dimons-political-stature-grows-as-he-takes-business-roundtable-chair-1092747-1.html?utm_campaign=daily%20briefing-dec%208%202016&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&ET=americanbanker:e8315779:5120275a:&st=email&eid=89ce23c996ac002ead116053553b253f

Jamie Dimon continues to rise in influence not only in the financial sector but politically. This is unconscionable. Dimon, as head of Chase, has sat on the Federal Reserve Board New York throughout the financial crisis that he and his cohorts created and have steadfastly maintained causing the economy to lack the resources to create robust growth.

The Fed actually purchased trillions of dollars in “mortgage bonds” that were neither back by mortgages nor bonds issued by any credible entity. The banks sold the…

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