CitiMortgage Engineers another Default by providing Inaccurate Information

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Couple Loses Home To Bank They Thought Was Helping Them

Editor’s Note:  At Livinglies we have noticed a pattern of CitiMortgage deliberately providing inaccurate and conflicting information to homeowners to ensure a foreclosure will occur.  The story below is representative of the typical CitiMortgage modification or attempt to stave off foreclosure that results in foreclosure.

GRAPEVINE (CBS11) – Elizabeth and David Ball have 21 years of memories at their Grapevine home. Elizabeth recalled the time her kids learned how to ride a bike or where they skateboarded. Every street corner has memories, but they don’t have their home.

The couple told CBS11 they lost their home to a bank they believed was helping them keep it. They said the whole process caught them by surprise.

In 2014, Mr. Ball lost his job. He took up a freelance job with an unsteady income. They decided to modify their mortgage loan which would…

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