Payments Current? Here comes foreclosure!

My new “servicer” refuses to send me a debt validation form, because I’m in active Bankruptcy. They also have refused to post my first payment to them and state that it is their policy to NOT issue monthly mortgage statements to customers in active bankruptcy.

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French bookkeeping: an old anecdote that reflects reality. Three sets of books. One for himself, one for his partner and one for the government. If permitted in discovery virtually every homeowner could easily show that there are multiple sets of accounting for “loan” payments, multiple sets of accounting for insurance and multiple sets of accounting for modifications. Some are for investors based upon complete fiction.

Some are for homeowners which are mostly fictitious. And then there is a new set of books for each “servicer” that ever claimed the right to administer the alleged loan account.

Trustees have no books and records because the trust doesn’t really exist and no real world transactions were ever conducted using the name of the trust. THAT record is just paper that is changed as quickly as you edit a document in a word processing program.

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